November 10th, 2014

buffy s10

Buffy the Vampire Slayer reviewed: Season 10, Issue 06



Buffy The Vampire Slayer
(Season 10, Issue 06)

I Wish” part I

Writer: Christos Gage, Artists: Karl Moline & Cliff Richards, Inker: Andy Owens, Colorist: Dan Jackson, Letterers: Richard Starkings & (Comicraft’s) Jimmy Betancourt
Cover: Steve Morris

Blurb: The rules of magic are literally being rewritten. With day-walking vampires and a male Slayer, Buffy & Co. are trying to keep the weirdness under control. Willow is focused on learning the new rules, while Giles is coming to terms with his newfound youth, and Xander is trying to save his relationship with Dawn. Still, Buffy has her family together again - and since their mission doesn’t yet feature Apocalypse spelled out in big letters, life is pretty good…

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