September 3rd, 2014


Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments: Angel


Welcome to another week in another month with another “Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments” post. But before we get to that, the next moving-picture review is a movie. I’d picked it because it was short and sweet and I figured I could whip it out over the weekend… but obvs, it isn’t here for your wandering eyeballs to gaze upon. That’s because the movie, despite an average-ish score on IMDB isn’t really holding my interest. I know! Way to market my next review! You’re all undoubtedly excited to revisit my page to check out its wonders. And really, who could blame you when I’m clearly such a salesman? Anyway, that movie will be “Daughter of the Tong” from the less than screaming ’50 Night Screams’ collection from my frenemy, MILL CREEK.

But today, we’re all about character moments and issuing rewards for good moments or demerits for awful behavior. Our subject is Angel: Aftermath, a.k.a. Angel Season 6 with issue 18.

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