August 13th, 2014


Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments: Fray


Good Day Everyone –

I survived the hellacious storms that rolled through the Detroit area and left flooding in its wake. My parents’ home had their basement flooded out in the ‘burbs, but my island’s natural weather shield kept the worst of it away. In fact, I didn’t even lose the satellite tv signal and that nearly always happens during thunderstorms. I had no idea how badly everybody else got it until my mother called me to check on me after the storms had moved past.

Before we get to today’s subject matter, let me also address the Buffy review. The past several days I have been really, really not in the mood to review. I finally got to it earlier today and I’m about 1/3-rd done with it. It’ll be posted this weekend for sure. That’s all I’m committing to, because for those of you who’ve been here awhile – you know how crap my committing to do something actually is – so I won’t even bring up my other plans. But this one review, I will definitely do.

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