April 15th, 2014

horror classics 50

Movie Reviewed: "Atom Age Vampire" part one of two


Atom Age Vampire

Starring: Alberto Lupo, Susanne Loret, Sergio Fantoni, Franca Parisi
DIR: Anton Giulio Majang

Blurb: An exotic dancer has a terrible automobile accident and as a result is horribly scarred on her face. Hoping for a miracle treatment, the dancer visits a scientist who has had marvelous results in restoring patient's appearances and is cured of her scars. Unfortunately, there are some terrible side effects from the procedure [and] the scientist must use some unethical methods to try and make the cure permanent. With suspicions growing in the dancer's boyfriend and the authorities closing in, the scientist tries some last minute treatments to help the dancer and also win over her heart.

My Blurb: This was viewed from the 'Horror Classics 50 Movies' pack, so the quality isn't assured on the screen caps. Also, this is an english-dubbed film, so there is no telling how that's going to go. Spoiler warning applies.

Commentary: The first thing I want to say is a compliment. I like both the opening theme and the interesting credits visuals.
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