April 7th, 2014

walking dead

Reviewed: The Walking Dead's "Wildfire" part I of II


The Walking Dead
Season 1, Episode 5


Written by: Glen Mazzara
DIR: Ernest R. Dickerson

Blurb: The survivors deal with the aftermath of the walker attack and decide to move to the C.D.C., hoping to find a cure for an infected Jim. Meanwhile, Shane - finding his leadership position challenged by Rick, succumbs to his inner demons.

Warnings for grue and spoilers.

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walking dead

Reviewed: The Walking Dead's "Wildfire" part II of II

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Scene 30: Outside the RV, Rick tells the group of Jim's desire. Carol wants to make sure he's lucid enough to understand what he's asking, and Rick concedes that he is. Dale suggests that they do what Jim wants. Shane says he's not sure he can live with just dumping Jim at the side of the road and leaving, but Lori points out that it's not either his nor Rick's call... this is Jim's decision.

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