December 15th, 2013

angel, faith

Review of Angel & Faith, issue 15(b)


Angel & Faith
Issue 15(b)

"The Hero of His Own Story: Pearl and Nash"

Script: Christos Gage, Line Art: David Lapham, Colors: Dan Jackson
Letters: Richard Starkings & (Comicraft's) Jimmy Betancourt, Cover: Steve Morris

Blurb: While he resides in London with rebel Slayer Faith Lehane, Angel has begun a quest to bring Giles back from the dead that has put him in contact with a few old friends. But Whistler and half-demon siblings Pearl and Nash have their own agendas since Twilight's betrayal led to the world's loss of magic...

My Blurb: Issue 15 was divided into two stories. The Whistler review was handled separately during last post.

Also -- snow sucks and should be banned in any area not within 20 miles of a ski resort. Yes, I'm giving up on my decades-long claim that snow is nice for a White Christmas, as long as it doesn't blizzard and doesn't stick around.

Faint praise for it, as that was. Now it sucks, always.

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Anti-Goodwill toward Man

Could all Toll Free callers PLEASE LOSE MY NUMBER. I will NEVER answer your call. I mean that literally -- if I don't
know who you are, I don't answer the phone. And since y'all never leave a message, I think we know you're just another
flippin' call-for-money-guilt-tripper. NO THANK YOU.

Which leads to: CHARITY - Guess, what? Just because I give out charity money to some organizations doesn't mean that I'm
a money tree with limitless excess for every fucking foundation, organization and group in existence. How's about this -
instead of 5,465,457,454,451 organizations collecting money for the same recipients in need, y'all consolodate your
efforts! Could it be because most of you are started by people more interested in giving themselves an easy-peasy
six figure salary for life?

And also- CONSERVATIVE Groups: I am not you. I'm not close to being you. Just because I gave money to a church-sponsored program
to help feed the hungry doesn't mean I want to be on your mutha-fuckin' mailing lists for every fevered pledge drive to
WAR AGAINST JESUS or whatever your latest outrage is supposed to be that is surely destroying our nation from within. LOSE

  This is especially for all of your Faux Surveys. You know the ones you send me -- worded so that there is only one actual
answer to choose that doesn't sound ridiculous. Fake Surveys aren't surveying anything. And why, exactly, if your taking a
survey of opinion, do you need a "donation" to "process" my opinion? Yeah -- straight to the trashcan with you.

  Also - it's weird how LIBERAL groups don't appear to know I exist. I wish that you would join them in their ignorance.

Speaking of which: I have NO IDEA why the Republican Party thinks that I've stealth registered with them but I'm not
affiliated with either party. STOP SENDING ME HORSESHIT ABOUT REPUBLICAN PARTY DRIVES. I don't care.

  Also, it's weird that I'm on your mailing list, but somehow the Democratic Party doesn't know I exist. It'd be nice if
I was invisible to both of you.

*deep breath*

Wow. I guess the snow shoveling has put me into a rant-mood. This total bitchfest is sponsored by 866-583-9826 which is
apparently the March Of Dimes.

Now I almost feel bad. But not. STOP CALLING ME.