December 10th, 2013

angel, faith

Review: Angel & Faith, issue 15(a)


Angel & Faith

Issue 15, Part I

"The Hero of His Own Story - Whistler"

Script: Christos Gage, Pencils: Lee Garbett, Inks: Derek Fridolfs, Colors: Dan Jackson
Letters: Richard Starkings & (Comicraft's) Jimmy Betancourt, Cover: Steve Morris

Blurb: While he resides in London with rebel Slayer Faith Lehane, Angel has begun a quest to bring Giles back from the dead that has put him in contact with a few old friends. But Whistler and half-demon siblings Pearl and Nash have their own agendas since Twilight's betrayal led to the world's loss of magic...

My Blurb: I've separated the review of issue 15 into story A (Whistler) and story B (Nash & Pearl). This review is only for Whistler's tale.
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