August 17th, 2013

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Best of / Worst of Character Moment: Night Tide

Best of / Worst Of ... Character Moments

Before we get into my new, expansion segment of the Best Of / Worst of Others, I want to mention the next two reviews. With the work week winding down, you can expect BECOMING, Part I from BTVS tonight or early Sunday morning. I'm planning on posting BECOMING, Part II very closely afterward, so it should be posted by Sunday night at the latest. (Quick edit to state that the BECOMING part 1 review will be a bit later tomorrow than I originally wanted: I just got through the library scene -- you know the one -- and I totally need to take a breath before returning to it, but the review is earnestly in progress.)

So, currently the Best Of / Worst Of segments has been focusing on series reviews: BTVS, Buck Rogers, X-Files & SPN. This new "Others" space will be for analyzing characters from other reviews outside these categories.

Our first customer is for the movie, "Night Tide". First, a rundown of our included characters...

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Best of / Worst of Character Moments: Angel vs. Frankenstein

Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments -- Other:

Angel[us] vs. Frankenstein['s Monster]

Welcome to another posting of Best Of / Worst Of ... not a tv series edition. In our subject today, we only have two major players to concern ourselves with... and both of 'em are actually villains. I'm not seeing a kudo being handed out, here.

Well, maybe one or the other will manage an 'Anti-Kudo' for awesomeness in their villainy. Let's check it out.

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