June 2nd, 2013


Review: Buck Rogers' "Unchained Woman", Part I of II

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Buck Rogers in the 25th Century

S1, E9 "Unchained Woman"

Written by: Bill Taylor, Robert C. Dille
DIR by: Dick Lowry

Blurb: Buck Rogers takes the place of a convict so he can spring a young woman from jail, where she is serving time for the crimes that the Earth Directorate knows were committed by her boyfriend. The Directorate wants her to testify against him. However, she still loves him and refuses to cooperate. Further, Buck must deal with a tenacious prison android guard and with Pantera himself, who intends to ensure that he never comes up for another trial...

We review, ergo, spoilers presented.

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Review: Buck Rogers' "Unchained Woman" Part II of II


Scene 31: On the outskirts, Wilma has been tied to a chair and is under the watch of Mr. H. Enchman.

She asks why she's being held prisoner. Our mercenary is a blabbermouth and tells her he's received a thousand credits to keep her busy and Wilma laughs at how he's been ripped off compared to what is at stake. This leads mercenary to jump to the conclusion that she's the infamous woman who has been smuggling illegal gems on-world.

Wilma plays along, suggesting that whoever paid him to hold her is tearing apart her ship right now looking for the contraband for themselves. She then smiles at him coyly and tells him that they'll never find them aboard ship. She gives some outrageous sum that would be worth a fortunes of avarice and then tells him she isn't going to just tell him where she's stashed them, of course.

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