March 18th, 2013


Recommend... but only slightly and with severe caveats. [I know, right? Talk about backhanded.]

Okay, so this recommend is a bit confusing. Not only to you, either. This guy, 'otoobach' , reviews some - what I would call - extreme cinema on youtube. The reason I can recommend is because, being YouTube, he can't subject us to the appalling images that make up the movies he watches. But, I do like him a lot and even though there aren't any movies (thus far) I would risk seeing - there are a few [VERY few] that almost sound like they might be interesting.

He seems to specialize in the "out there" or "fringe independent" sphere. I'd recommend (obvs, isn't that what this post is about) viewing his channel. BUT -- there is no way in hell, I'd recommend buying any of the flicks he watches and enjoys.
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You do get that I'm not suggesting you jump right on over and buy these movies, right?

Fanfic Request: YouTubbey.

I would absolutely love a fanfic story based on the scenario from this vid. Note that it must include BTVS, ATS, and SPN.  I'm fine with manipulating the timeline, but if you can avoid, there is major kudos.

The point is Faith/Dean without polluting either timeline (AHHH, there is the rub).

Please issue comment with story. I wanna check it out. Please note that the Prison Break isn't a requirement since I didn't watch it.

REQUIREMENTS: Buffy/Gang can't know prison escapee is involved. Buffy can't meet Sam or Dean and Faith can't rat out their "Hunter"-status.
Don't involve Cas.

Write in a way that Buffy/Scoobies and Sam/Dean/Angel/Faith won't blow their respective storylines. Good Luck. Please post comment/link!

Another Request.

I'd love a SPN/ATS/BTVS  fic that basically follows the outline provided by THIS VID.

No 'musts', No "don't include" this-es.

I'd just like to see what you can come up with. Just include characters from all three.

[Obvs, reply here so I know where to look.]