February 2nd, 2013

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Review: ALIEN, part II of III

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Scene 32: Sometime later, Brett and Parker are griping about being brought down to the planet by their captain. They continue work on trying to reroute blown electrical circuits so they can take off.

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Scene 64: Which are coming from Parker checking tanks and throwing them across the floor with maximum noise for Lambert to stack on the too small and too wheeled cart.

rear window

Review: ALIEN, part III of III


Scene 65: In control, Ripley can hear Parker and Lambert in the background. She tries to coax Jonesy into not getting them all killed, rather than keeping her eye on the survival prize.

Kitty-kitty plays with Ripley, ratcheting up her nerves and wondering what is taking his friend, ALIEN, so long to get up there and kill her. With ALIEN somewhere else, Jonesy plays a bit more with Ripley by giving her a jump-scare. She reacts wonderfully. Jones enjoys her terror.

Jones allows himself to be cuddled, but then grows less pleased as he's unexpectedly dumped into the cat-carrier. It growls for ALIEN assistance.
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