January 12th, 2013

walking dead

Review: The Walking Dead's 'Days Gone Bye'

DVD cover

The Walking Dead
Season 1, Episode 1

'Days Gone Bye'

Written by: Frank Darabont, Additional Material: Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore, Charlie Adlard, Directed by: Frank Darabont

My Blurb: Before we start this review series, let me say that I've not read the comic books. I did scan a few of the characters in The Walking Dead Wiki, but that's it. So, I don't know how the characters stack up against their written counterparts, nor do I need to know. I'm just explaining this so you'll know why I don't bring up the comic book developments in these reviews.

Unlike in say, BTVS and Angel, where the comic books are canon with the shows "The Walking Dead" tv series is a side timeline. You don't need to know what came before to watch the series, as these characters are 'starting fresh'. This is a two edged sword, as far as these reviews. Although you'll not have to put up with my saying "in the comic series..." during commentary, I also won't be relying on it to smooth over rough characterizations or bad writing in this series by 'reading between the lines' with information from the comic books.

This is its own universe and ergo will stand or fall by what is on the screen. SPOILERS WITHIN. Also WARNING: Some screencaps will be grue-inclusive and may be upsetting, if you managed to make yourself forget you saw them when watching the episode. FINALLY: The beginning of the review is cap-heavy, but then I chill out some. Some.

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TBC in Part II
walking dead

Review : The Walking Dead, 'Days Gone Bye' part II


Review continued from Part I

Scene 30: With Rick, he's returned to the park where he picked up the bike. It becomes obvious that he's looking for the Bicycle Woman Zombie.

Scene 31: Back at the house, Morgan tells Duane he's going upstairs for a bit. He takes the scope-included rifle that Rick gave him.

Scene 32: Rick strides through the park.

Scene 33: At the upstairs of the Drake home, Morgan is going through the suitcase of photos that Mrs. Jones had dragged with them during their retreat.

Scene 34: Rick continues through the park, looking for walker-halfwoman.

Scene 35: Morgan pulls out a photo of his grinning wife. He looks at a photo of the two of them and gets teary eyed.

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