December 16th, 2012

btvs 2

Best Of / Worst Of Character Post: BTVS

Best of / Worst of Character Moments

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Season 2's "The Dark Age"

Y'know, I love the entirety of the Buffyverse with its complicated heroes who sometimes do bad things and its villains who
aren't beyond redemption... especially if it involves a vampire that wants to bang Buffy. For this reason, I'm really looking forward to reviewing the series in full even though it seems like I'm taking a hideously long time to do so. It only seems that way because it's true.

But this here posting is not about reviewing, so much as about reflecting. Our Best of / Worst of character moments:

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Best of / Worst of our Buffy Characters, doubled!

Best of / Worst of Character Moments series.

BTVS, Season 2

"What's My Line, Part I" and "Part II" ... we have a doubler!

Our Characters Impress Us...:

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Do you think I've been too soft on somebody? Did I give out a black mark where I shouldn't have? Did I give the right kudo or demerit, but for the wrong character moment of awesome/suck?

Let me know in comments.