November 1st, 2012

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Security Change

Sorry to the occasional anonymous posters who visit a particular page now and then. I've had to make it a bit more difficult for anonymous posters to submit comments, despite the alleged CAPTCHA being enabled.

I've been inundated with UGGS, upgrade your computer, and order this [insert product] at this here site for big discounts type of submissions and it's starting to become ridiculous. It's taking me too long now to go and delete all of these comments.

CHINA -- you are bad, bad boys and girls in this regard.

We'll see if this lightens my 'housekeeping' load. For those who just wanted to send a quick comment and now are faced with entering security codes, I really do apologize. I wanted to keep my site generally unrestricted and convenient for anybody to visit and post. But, alas, there seems to be a concerted effort to ruin that for everybody by the SPAM-fuc**ng Idiots.


Best of / Worst of our Buffy Character Moments

Best of / Worst Of ... BTVS' Character Moments

Welcome back to our mini-posts series where we explore our characters' shining moments of awesome, and their embarrassing moments of suckitude. Today our Buffy episode is "Lie To Me".

Oh, and yikes! My screen caps are these huge, full sized monstrosities. Obvs, this is when LJ moved everything over to wherever-our-photos sit now and I had trouble figuring out how to work the pic insertions.

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