October 31st, 2012


Movie Review: Cementerio Del Terror, Part I of III


Cementerio del Terror
(aka Cemetary of Terror, aka Zombie Apocalypse)

1985, Mexico

Starring: Hugo Stieglitz (aka Hugo Stiglitz), Usi Velasco, Erika Buenfil, Edna Bolkan, Maria Rebeca, Cervando Manzetti

Directed by: Ruben Galindo, Jr.

Blurb: A group of medical students steal the deceased body of Satanic serial killer Devlon from the morgue to play a Halloween prank. The students perform a Black Mass in an attempt to raise Devlon from the dead with the help of his Satanic book. When nothing happens, but a bad rainstorm, the students flee to a nearby empty house to party. Little do they know the mass worked and Devlon is looking to crash their party. A group of young trick-or-treaters also arrive at the house, but there are no treats at this house.

My Blurb: This is a Mexican production presented with English subtitles. You may catch the dialog in a screen cap or two, depending how high on the screen it sits. Also, consider this my nod toward the Halloween Season. I'm not so good at presenting "themed" reviews, mostly because I'm not that disciplined, so this is the closest you're going to have, and alas, it isn't the best Halloween-flavored horror out there. Spoilers. Some bloody screen caps.

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Movie Review: Cementerio Del Terror, Part II of III

crypt of terror

Scene 31: Outside, girls impatient. And, scene.

Scene 32: Captain's car pulls up in front of morgue at front door. Captain doesn't question why this all couldn't wait for regular working hours in addition to not wondering if he should confirm the orders to release a murderer's body to the obviously obsessive psychiatrist with an unhealthy fixation on it after presenting an obviously badly done forgery from a Judge who isn't in town to have signed it.

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Movie Review: Cementerio Del Terror, Part III of III


Scene 62: Doctor Cardan is still driving around in his stolen cruiser and who the hell knows where he's supposed to be going. I don't think he knows. He's just randomly driving around on the off chance he sees Evil Incarnate out for a nightly stroll, I guess. There are sirens flashing near enough to him for us to think he's being chased, but no. It's a red herring and screen time waster with no relevance to anything and I hate you, movie.

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Next Up: This time it will be the movie, "A Shot in the Dark" (1935) which I've never seen so we'll explore it together. You bring cake, I've got coffee.