October 25th, 2012


Space Exploration Love.


There are some very nice shots of our Milky Way galaxy via the VISTA Telescope that I thought I'd direct attention to. I happen to really appreciate this annotated shot, for those of us for whom keeping straight where everything is located in the sky is an utter impossibility. I've tried. I can't do it. About the only thing I can find consistently is one of the dippers, Orion, and the Milky Way strand across the sky.


Now, I'm scared, too.


Did you know that we're still finding a wealth of new creatures that we didn't even know still existed? Yes, right here on Earth, this isn't another NASA love post. It's true.

And among those who help us know that we don't know everything that we know, and ergo we hate them because we don't like to know that we don't know everything, y'know, is the intrepid and anonymous lab worker.

Well, this particular lab worker has rudely decided to be known, rather than staying anonymous as the peon-worker class should (I know this too, I'm a peon-worker myself). Thankfully for us, because she's got her tongue firmly in cheek and is oh-so-amusing as she has decided to share with us the TOP 5 SCARIEST SPECIES (from DNA sampling of the sea).

You'll show her love with a click, won't you?


Angel Review: Issue 40


Angel, S6 I40

'The Beginning of the End'

Writer: David Tischman & Mariah Huehner, Artwork: Jason Armstrong, Coloring: Brian Miller, Lettering: Chris Mowry & Neil Uyetake
Cover: Elena Casagrande, Ilaria Traversi & "after Alvin" [Lee?]

Blurb: Future L.A. is turning out to be way worse than Angel thought. He discovers humans have become a complete underclass and are hunted as food. Struggling to figure out what W&H really wants from him is the least of his worries, as he discovers what James is up to with his demon portals. Meanwhile, Connor is putting Angel Investigations back together, with no sign of James and no help from Angel.

My Blurb: All online sources I've looked at give credit for the cover to Elena Casagrande, solo. But the cover itself indicates credit to Ilaria Traversi as well, so that is what I've done here. It also states "after Alvin" with a signature 'Alvin'. I'd like to credit this properly. Is this Alvin Lee, or another artist?

Also, I like this cover not only for the future L.A. artwork, but with the 'movie-type' credits, it is also a clever homage to "Blade Runner". *Nice*

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Next up: Spike #1, in which he and Illyria end up in Las Vegas after they both leave Angel Investigations after that 'soul-thing' aborted plotline.