October 12th, 2012


A "best of / worst of" sorta post.

A best of/worst of posting for BTVS, S2.

First, yes - I'm working on B, B & B. I'm about half way through now.

Second, well yes - I am still in a bit of a funk. Don't worry about it. I will get through this. I'm just obsessing on the ex at the moment. Half because he's left me so easily to concentrate on himself and half because I told myself after the first time not to allow myself to get in this position again... but I *effing* did. I'm an idiot.

But just *f that. Let's focus on the reviewage.

So, this posting will focus on the Best examples of our characters and those times when you think "Y'know... this character is kinda sad and pathetic". Our review of our character's growth or lack there of is for "Halloween". There is a catch on this one, though. We are only looking at Buffy, et. al. when they are themselves. Y'see (and those who are fans already know this, I'm aware) involves our character being altered by magic to inhabit the costumes they're wearing at the time of their transformations. Ergo, we can't include the times when our characters are posessed because it's hard to differentiate between when our characters are acting because of their inate natures and when they're being controlled by their costumes and the spell they're under. There are three exceptions: actually, that is the majority -- ugh -- never mind. The point is that Giles isn't changed, Cordy isn't changed and Willow is a ghost, but she retains who she basically is, so her 'post spell moments' can be included. Also -- Angel. Well, geez, only Buffy and Xander are actually affected by my 'exceptions'....

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Buffy s8

Another Request:

For some reason, no one seems to pay attention to these. It's okay, I'm not bitter.   ;-/

I'd really, really like either reviews or links to reviews for DH's WILLOW limited series. I don't intend to collect it, and I'd like to know the basics of what happens in it.

Also -- Is there any other stories with Bobby and Giles interacting? {Thank you, thank you, thank you, Doublemeat!}
Or, anything with SPN interacting with Buffy S8?

Or... well, anything that isn't posted to 'Twisting the Hellmouth' that crosses Buffy/Angel/Either and Supernatural. I'm very much a completed story kinda-guy, but if you have an author who is actually updating their story mostly regularly, I'll jump in.