September 14th, 2012


Angel Review, #34 (main tale)


S6, I34

"Bedroom Follies: Chapter 1 of Connorland"

Written: Bill Willingham, Art: Elena Casagrande, Coloring: Ilaria Traversi, Letters: Robbie Robbins
Cover: Jenny Frison

Blurb: Last episode[,] Angel was re-growing limbs that were dusted (what's up with that? Well apparently it's a time issue since The Fall) after James ripped them off. It turns out he's anything but a real "angel". In fact, he's just made a deal for ownership of the Earth and making it his own personal, creepy "thing" breeding ground. Angel and crew need to figure out what to do, and fast. Except Illyria is currently looking to do some breeding of her own and things are about to get really... weird.

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next up is Eddie Hope's tale in issue 34


Angel Review #34 (Eddie's tale)

Eddie Hope


S6, I34 (Eddie Hope's tale)

"The Long Tale of Gunn(not according to this four pages)

Story: Bill Willingham & Bill Williams, Script: Bill Williams, Art: Elena Casagrande, Letters: Robbie Robbins,
Colors: Arianna Florean

My Blurb: The last time we saw Eddie, he was karate chopping Gunn in the back of the neck. Eddie Hope's entire deal is that he's a devil who is punishing those who took advantage of humanity in W & H's Hell-L.A.

Gunn, being a vampire then, was certainly among those.

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The next review will be Angel S6, #35.

My basic plans are to barrel through Angel S6, I44 which will wrap up S6. That is a lot of issues, so you shouldn't be shocked if
I take a break with a BTVS, S2 and a Supernatural, S1 review somewhere in there. But, I want to get Angel done so that I can review
Buffy S9 and Angel & Faith at the same time.

Between Angel S6, #44 and Buffy S9, #1 I plan to do a movie review as well. It'll be "A Shot in the Dark" from 1935.