September 6th, 2012

Buffy s8

Buffy, S8 Review: Issue 38

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

S8, I38

"Last Gleaming, Part III"

Script: Joss Whedon & Scott Allie, Pencils: Georges Jeanty, Inks: Andy Owens, Colors: Michelle Madsen,
Letters: Richard Starkings & Jimmy Betancourt
Cover: Jo chen

Blurb: Temperatures run high when Buffy and Angel reunite to fight all manner of evil things. Enter Spike - vampire with a soul, former lover, latest prophecy keeper. Needless to say, things get complicated. In order to save humanity from crumbling on itself, Buffy must elicit the help of those closest to her and take the fight home.

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Oh, update on wasp fight.

Well, obviously I didn't get stung to death - and I managed to avoid spraying myself in the face with the fogger. I am still finding the little buggers dead or dying in the carpet throughout the house though (I did the attic too, and I think that is where some of them are
coming from). The tub is full of dead bee bodies, which I'm vacuuming out when I wrap up here and run to the post office (bills... boo, hiss).

Next move is to spray the hole and seal it up and then probably one more time with a second fogger in the bathroom just to poison them off real good
(and me, too probably - but I fear not the bug poison, only the bugs themselves).

I'm feeling quite psychopathic in my joy at seeing the armageddon I've wrought upon them.

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