September 1st, 2012


Dear Spammers,

  If you wish to post a bunch of spammedy-spammy messages to my journal entries (and hello... you're not going to be seen by anyone but me before I delete your ass), could you at least make it something intelligible? Something entertaining? Something wild-n-crazy?

  Does it really need to be a string of random words that sort of make a sentence, as long as you don't want that sentence to make any type of sense whatsoever? 'Cause that is boring. And annoying. But, mostly it's boring.

  And boring (not to mention mystifyingly un-sensable) does nothing to make me want to go and visit your spammedy-spamming site. Even, y'know, if I didn't think doing so would probably infect my computer with 30 viruses and so I wouldn't anyway.

  And? Die.

Thanks, 'K, Bye.



I Dreamt of Buffy Again.

I had another Buffy dream, which means I must share, which also means I'm trying to get in some sleep without assistance, which means the BTVS: S8 reviews aren't forthcoming today. The work schedule is undergoing its flip-flop, so it'll be the middle of the week before I can resume with anything approaching brain-wattage.

This dream takes place quite solidly in S5, shortly after "The Body". It may be in replacement to "Forever" ... I'm not sure. I wasn't present in this dream, except as the viewer of the TV show watching these events as if they were an episode. And, it only included Joyce, Tara, Buffy and Willow.

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