August 19th, 2012


Movie Review, Part I of III, "Ladrones De Tumbas"


Ladrones De Tumbas
(a.k.a. Grave Robbers)

1989 - Mexico

Starring: Ferndando Almada, Edna Bolkan, Erika Buenfil, Ernesto Laguardia, Maria Rebeca

DIR: Ruben Galindo, Jr.

Blurb: Four teenagers on a camping trip decide to rob a nearby graveyard. They stumble across an ornate grave and tomb housing the corpse of an executed Satanist from the days of the Inquisition. The tomb was used for Satanic rituals and inquisition torture and it's full of gold and jewelry. Our teens believe they have struck it rich... or so they think. Soon the deceased Satanist zombie, armed with a massive battleaxe, rises from the grave to claim his treasure.

Notes: We have spoilers, 'natch. But, also, some screen caps will contain movie-gore. This one is also a bit cap-heavy for those of you on slower loading speeds.

crypt of terror

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