June 27th, 2012


Review Angel #32 (main tale)


Angel #32

"Roman a Clef"

Written by: Bill Willingham, Art by: Brian Denham, Coloring by: Alfred Rockefeller, Lettering by: Robbie Robbins,
Edited by: Mariah Huehner

Cover B: David Messina with coloring by Giovanna Niro

Last Issue Developments: With Angel missing, Connor has taken leadership of Angel Investigations. He's further gained an army of She-Warriors who insist that he is the savior that they've been destined to serve. The 'public vampire' menace has gotten a little out of hand, for you see, Angel isn't missing so much as being imprisoned. Some corporate yahoos have decided that they can make some great money by offering to turn the rich and vain into undead using Angel's unique status and ensouled. But the new converts haven't turned out exactly as planned. Instead of them being ensouled, they're basically just vampires anyway. Right Innovation Labs is trying to deal with a crisis involving one of their created vampires losing control of herself during a televised interview and killing the host. Spike was able to track her down first and has take her into custody as a clue to finding what Angel has gotten caught up in. Meanwhile, Illyria has located Angel, and the LABS are in a bit of a second crisis.

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