June 21st, 2012

btvs 2

Fanfic Requesting

My request to anyone who is an LJ-friend or a friend of friend....

I want stories that combine Supernatural and Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Angel the Series. I collect both BTVS and AtS comics, so if it takes place in those continuities, that is a plus, but I'm also open to it taking place in the Winchesters-verse. My basic criteria is the following....

No canon characters can be an asswipe/bitca so an original character can shine (note, this is NOT the same as a main character being unlikeable... I get that Xan can be a real bitch. I also get that Buffy can be pretty judgmental [so can Dean]. I only object when a main character is SO 100% scum, I can't recognize them [Any doubt? Recommend -- I'll start the story]).

The story must be complete. Please don't recommend WIP. (Nothing against authors that are working on stories... but I've been stung before, where you LOVE the take on characters, you love the plot, but it just... hangs there. It doesn't even end. The author just... goes away.)

My current kink: Where Giles and Bobby intersect. In fact, if Bobby and Giles conflict where both are right and wrong, well - that would be an awesome thing. Also, I know Buffy/Dean is popular and I am not against it, but I personally prefer Dawn/Sam and Buffy/Dean to start out as antagonistic, and then become allies. But, where Buffy/Dean end up being the focus? Not a deterrent.

I'm not against other fandoms being brought in... but I really want it to be from a Buffy-verse/Joss-verse POV. That is my true love.

So... anyone reading this who can recommend? 'Cause I'd love to discuss this as well by friending and I KNOW I'm not the only fan of Buffy & Angel who crosses....

Finally, I would like any vids that combine the two(three? I tend to see Angel-verse as part of Buffyverse, even though Angel tends more toward the viewpoint of SPN, then its progenitor) universes as well. You'll want to check my YouTube faves to see if I've already recommended, but I have limited time. I can't see EVERYthing that should be seen. Recommend, please.

-- Rob