May 23rd, 2012


Movie Time: "She Gods of Shark Reef"

She Gods of Shark Reef

(50 movie pack: Night Screams Collection)


DIR: Roger Corman

Starring: Bill Cord, Don Durant, Lisa Montell

Blurb: Filmed in Hawaii, this tale features an escaped prisoner and his brother who become shipwrecked on an island paradise. The land is filled with delectable native women who fill their time enacting strange rituals, and diving in the ocean for pearls. When one of the women is selected by her peers to be sacrificed [the rest will not be posted because it gives the entire ending away... gee thank you for that].

My Blurb: I already hate this movie just from the description. The current IMDB score of 2.4 isn't helping me out either. I'm expecting lots of focus on bikini hotties, which is wasted on me. But, let's dive in....

{Get it, "dive in" cause with the ocean ... and ... never mind.}
A zone of spoilers ahead.

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