May 5th, 2012


Wacky Dreaming.

Ah, sleeping-pill free sleep... the opportunity for my mind to do weird things. Like having interrelated dreams to other dreams that I've dreamed before, for instance. And, also very, very occasionally - Fictional Universe Dreaming! My favorite type of dreaming.

Last night was a sleeping pill free sleep. And, I was blessed with not one, but several fictional-universe-dreaming related dreams! It was a good night.

So, what do I mean by "Fictional Universe Dreaming"? This would be anything revolving around one of the shows that I'm currently a fan of but is usually referring to one of the top three: Buffy, Supernatural and The Walking Dead.

I mean, obviously, all dreams are fictional universes of their own since usually the laws of time, space, physics, logic, etc. go right on out the window and new (sometimes just barely recognizable) rules take their place.

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