March 29th, 2012


Best of / Worst of ... When She Was Bad character moments

As I work my way through the review of  'Bad Eggs', a.k.a. playing CIV IV, I pause for a moment to give you this Best of / Worst of Character Moments post. This is my very mini-posting on the moments of an episode where our characters shine forth and make us proud... and those moments where we're more throwing a pillow at them and hitting the television.

Our episode today is BTVS' Season II premiere, 'When She Was Bad' the tale of Buffy Summers' acting like a total beeyotch to her friends, just 'cause of that little thing where she went off to her destiny to save 'em, and then got herself dead for a minute.

I'd give Buffy a huggle, but she's not really in a receiving mood....

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