March 6th, 2012


Episode Review: SPN, 'Dead in the Water'


S1, E3

"Dead in the Water"

Written by: Sera Gamble and Raelle Tucker

DIR by: Kim Manners

Blurb: Is a series of drownings in a Wisconsin lake the work of a vengeful spirit? A young eyewitness, tramautized into silence by the shock he experienced, may have the power to prophesy the next drowning.

My Blurb: What the hell is the above? That is a hideously awkward phrasing of what is contained in this episode. How about more along the lines of: The boys investigate a series of mysterious drownings in a Wisconsin lake. Is a vengeful spirit at work? And can a young, but tramautized, eyewitness provide the Winchesters with the answers?

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