January 11th, 2012


Best Of/Worst Of series -- character moments

Best Of/Worst Of Our Characters

BTVS: "Nightmares"

I have that I have to give a caveat on this one. I've seen commentary on this episode in which there are complaints about the "Ugly Man" not being an impressive villain and how Buffy looked pretty lame in not being able to fight him off. I'm discounting that in this poll/observation post as a weak character moment for Buffy. I've always felt that Buffy couldn't fight the Ugly Man, because we are in Billy's nightmare during that attack. He couldn't allow Buffy to kick his nemesis' ass, or it wouldn't be a Nightmare Twist of the reality around him.

So for this list, we're discounting anything that happens from Billy's point of view that would have a negative affect on our characters. When he's there, we're trapped in his POV.

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