December 27th, 2011

btvs 2

Best of - Worst of Character Moments post

Hello, everyone!

Since I neglected posting anything for X-Mas, let me just wish everyone a holiday season filled with warmth and laughter.

Today's character moment post is going to be S1's animated-dummy episode, "The Puppet Show". This episode really ticked me off due to the direction and deliberate mis-leads and I wasn't very kind toward either during the review. I totally stand by that. In fact, I was so annoyed all over again when I reviewed my review for this post, that I downgraded the scoring by a quarter-point -- something that I have a serious aversion to (once it is reviewed, I don't want to be in the habit of shifting scores all over the place). But, anyway, on to our Character Moments:

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Edited to add that the next review will be "What's My Line", part I which I hope to have done tonight or tomorrow.