December 13th, 2011


Reviews for this week:

I'm working on the Pilot episode for a new series I'm going to review on this site: The X-Files. I love that show, despite all the problems with the convoluted conspiracy. In fact, in general, I'd say watch the show for the relationship between the two main characters and the wacky monsters of the week.

I've also got in the bullpen, BTVS: S8 #27 - Which is 'Retreat, Part II' and Angel #30 which will have the main review and another for the subplot of Eddie, the avenging demon.

I know after these three, we'll be doing a movie review, but there are so many I want to include that I'm not sure which one I'll actually end up with.

I would like also to get in a Best of/Worst of post for BTVS, Buck Rogers, SPN & the X-Files pilot episode - but that is an awful lot for the week, considering the number of breaks I take when working on a review so let's not plan on all of that getting done.

Right now, I will commit to having the X-Files review posted and either the Buffy or Angel comic done (but I'd really like to get both of those completed before Friday).


Writer's Block

Huh. My answer to the Writer's Block isn't posting. So, I'll have to do it "manually":

I'm hoping for more seasons of SPN and X-Files, since I'm starting to add reviews for those series to this here site. Right now, I've only been able to afford S1 for each. Here's wishin' & hopin' for S2s!