September 14th, 2011

Buffy s8

So... Ringer, anyone?

I've just watched Ringer and I have to say... I'm ambiguous about it. I'm just not sure what I can say about this...

HITFIX has called this the Sixth Worst New Series of the season - that seems much, much too harsh:

No. 6 Worst - 'Ringer'

"Ringer" (The CW)
Airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. [Premieres September 13.]
Sarah Michelle Gellar plays twins in this wannabe-twisty primetime
soap opera. Neither twin is interesting enough to be worth Gellar's
effort, unfortunately, in a drama that spends its first 44 minutes
bending over backwards to establish its premise -- quite familiar if
you've watched ABC Family's "The Lying Game" -- without every finding
any fun or tension. Gellar just looks doubly uncomfortable and all of
the decent actors around her -- Nestor Carbonell, Ioan Gruffudd, Kris
Polaha -- seem wooden and disinterested. The pilot compensates for the
snoozy cast with brazen musical cues, cheesy visual effects and a whole
ton of belabored symbolism. This will, however, be the top show of the
fall for subscribers to "Mirror Aficionado" magazine. What? There is no
"Mirror Aficionado" magazine? The CW will just count on "Buffy" fans too
starved for more SMG to be discriminate.

But, I do think that the premiere has some issues - one of them being the cheesy visual effects (Wow - that "two Sarahs on the boat thing" was truly painful) and yes, the whole "Mirrors in every room of every scene" was hideously heavy handed.
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Kill, Baby... Kill! [P1 of 3]

Another attempt at posting this damned review:

Kill, Baby... Kill!

(& a long and unnecessary subtitle)

Originally known as: Operazione Paura (Italian)


Starring: Giacomo Rossi Stuart, Erica Blanc, Fabienne Dali, Giana Vivaldi

DIR: Mario Bava

Edited Blurb: (It wants to give the whole plot away, and dammit, that's my review's job!) Considered by many to be one of Italian horror-meister Mario Bava's best, this occult murder mystery skillfully interweaves elements of the 'giallo' thriller formula with a creepy Gothic ghost story.

My Blurb: There are a few things we need to get out of the way first. One, this is a VCI Entertainment disc, which means that the picture is a bit rough. It also means that there isn't any subtitles and that this is dubbed over in English. So, I can't make any statements about whether the dialog is a) accurate or b) sounds better in its original language or c) allows me to tell you if this is a complete cut or not. None of this stops me from liking this movie a lot.

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{To Be Continued}
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Kill, Baby... Kill! [Part 2 of 3]

Scene 30: As Paul is led deeper into the Villa Graps by Melissa's laughter, she seemingly vanishes... but her rubber ball continues bouncing unattended down the corridor for him to follow....

He's led down a room of family paintings, but they're so full of cobwebs that he doesn't really take note of them. As he rushes out calling after Melissa and we continue to hear her laughter, we focus in on one of the paintings. It is of our child, of course, in an extremely unpleasant tableau.

Commentary: Seriously? Who would want to have this painting of their dead child hanging on the wall with her sitting next to a giant skull?? This shot wasn't actually needed here because we could already tell going in that we were dealing with a ghost. In addition, the focus in on the name plate, so we could see that Melissa Graps was dead was also a gratuitous shot. We didn't need this confirmation since we could guess this on our own, but also because our characters don't have this information yet. Since Paul didn't note this portrait, it would have been better if it had been left behind Paul's shoulder. We could have noticed that the girl in the painting seems to resemble Melissa, without this "OH LOOK - LOOK, HERE" focus on it.

I think this general scene starts to lag as well, so stretching the moment out isn't helping. We need to have Paul find something concrete to 'rattle his cage', have him put in immediate danger, or have him suffer some unexplainably bizarre experience that will shake his rationality about here. Instead he's continuing to run after Melissa's laughter and it is slowing down the pace of the story....

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To be Continued