August 24th, 2011


Watchers FanFic Reviewed

I've been promising a review of one of my WATCHER cyber-friend's first fanfic for weeks..., well I finally completed it.

This is: Balloon Payments
                by Charles Kelly

Before we start the review proper, this story is not mini-reviewed, but is a full review. This is due to the format that the story is written in. It should be read as you would read a WATCHERS episode... as if this is an aired episode. Due to this, I've used the same review format I would use for WATCHERS... scene by scene.

Foreward: This review is a fanfiction spin off story of a fanfiction series set in an alternate Buffyverse. Generally it is referred to as the WATCHERSverse. As such, if you don't read WATCHERS or review my reviews of said series, this will make little sense to you.

The story is set sometime in the latter half of S1 WATCHERS, sometime after "Lessons Learned". As such, Kennedy hasn't found out about Angel killing her mother, Jenny Calendar. Ro & Willow aren't an item, but are on their way to it and Kennedy is still dealing with the consequences of her actions in the wake of Willow dumping her.

BLURB: Warren Meers suddenly materializes in the Council lobby and shoots Rowena, kidnaps Willow and leaves behind evidence implicating Angel. Kennedy finds out that Angel was the vampire who killed her mom and goes amok in search of revenge. Meanwhile, Angel’s new girlfriend has been kidnapped and he finds evidence implicating Rupert Giles in her disappearance. Former allies start gearing up for war. Meanwhile, Willow finds herself in a cage with a pretty werewolf just before the first night of the lunar cycle. After that, things get rough for everybody....

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