August 12th, 2011


That fanfic rec ....

Story Mini-Review & Recommend:

Before I get to the mini-review, this story is the first in a series, "Hunting and Slaying", which plays right into my current weakness (still!) of drawing Whedon's Buffyverse and Kripke's Supernaturalverse into one shared reality. A second story is in the works, but for this review we'll only be speaking of 'Grand Canyon', by an author known as LolaAnn. As second story in this series still in WIP status.

The basic premise is that Sam and Dean need a little down time (but only Sam seems to recognize the fact) from the "something-universal-threatening-is-coming" that their lives have devolved to in the past few years.

And, Buffy needs a break from the training of the newbie Slayers and she wants that break with Dawn, dammit. Dawnie, meanwhile, is about as excited over this trip to a 'big hole in the ground' as Dean.

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