June 25th, 2011


Okay, Okay, I know.... Mini-Review post

I'm inserting a review here that is not BTVS.

For this story, my first observation is: It is hard to keep up with the 'logical timeline', which for me is a deterrent. For you, you may like the workmanship more than the story.

The next review was supposed to be BTVS... see, at least I know I lie, which is the first step... blah, blah....

Anyway, since I just saw a movie on cable that is on my
"must buy" list, I've decided to post a 'mini review' before diving back into BTVS: Reptile Boy  (which I've already mentioned is boring; I'm not sure why I rate S2 so highly, since it doesn't get interesting until Buffy gives IT up to Angel... which is a bit off yet).

So this is my mini-review of "The Beyond"... which I still want to buy eventually and do a proper scene-by-scene of:

The basic storyline is that there are 7 doorways to Hell. One of these is a hotel that is abandoned since all of the residence disappeared one night. (Side Comment: I include this is in the back story of Spanderverse. In my version of fanfic Buffyverse, there are 666 of these though, with only 1 being active at a time. I keep planning on my series mentioning this specifically, but - you know how it is, but MUSE just dictates other stories in which your ideas don't exactly fit).

Anyway, the basic review:  {Warning: Like all of my reviews, this may include spoilers.}

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Writer's Block: Toy box travesties

What childhood toy did you desperately want that your parents refused to give you? Do you still think about getting one?

You know, I and my brother managed to get a lot of s**t, that we then broke and made worthless. My dad tried to tell us... Luke, Han, Millennium Falcon, Hoth set, Alien 'alien' toy with extending double-jaw, JAWS game....

Me and brother had all of it... and we couldn't appreciate the future, so we played with them until they broke... *sigh*

Stupid kids.

I broke 'Alien' figure by trying to 'eat' Luke Skywalker, which broke the extending mini-jaw, and ruined the 'Falcon' by "crashing" it into the swimming pool.

God is cruel (this isn't a revelation to me). He gives all of the wisdom to our parents who we refuse to listen to.

*ironic grinning*