April 10th, 2011


Buffy Polling Catch up (the My Buffyholism S3 questions)

Catching up on the Buffy polls:

Okay, first off, I have no idea how far I'm behind on my Friends' pages Buffy polls - I know there were at least 2. I also have no idea how far out of date I am. I mean I have trouble keeping track of the days as it is, now I have to go a week sometimes and then make a mad, dashing journal post in which I try to remember where everything that I glanced at before is so I can post a comment about it? HAH! Not even close. Stupid brain.

But, if I remember correctly (and I make no guarantees whatsoever), I think that I have to post my opinions on the "My Buffyholism is Showing" polls for Graduation Day and then there is general season 3 poll. So... onto the onto....
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Characters get together, wackiness ensues

I've decided to take this shipping meme that I'm snagging over at Ms. Scarlet's Section of the Universe, just for the fun of it.

For the purposes of this particular meme, I'm focusing only on my true love Buffyverse (in which I'm including Angelverse - rather than treating them separately) and my not-completely-in-love-with, but-there-is-a-strong-crush Supernaturalverse.

I am also including Buffy's S8 and Angel: After the Fall and Aftermath ... though I don't think it will be very relevant.

Also, answers might turn to minor spoilers for BTVS, AtS, Supernatural, any combination, or none at all.

I think that's it for the notes, let's move on:

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