March 9th, 2011


My posting will be a bit thin....

I've had a bit of a change recently at work, in which my hours have been changed to busier times and I've been assigned more schtuff to do. What this, in practical terms for you my lovely cyber-friends and less lovely, but still entertaining friends-of-cyber-friends is that I don't have a lot of time.

I always mean to spend the early morning hours (like right now) going through and getting caught up on my pages upon pages of LJ-happenings and it just hasn't worked out. I'm much, much too tired when I get home and too busy driving myself into an ulcer when I get out of bed (customer service calls... urrrggghhh... loathe it).

So, while I will try to get a little bit done whenever I get out of bed, well, we all know about my history of telling y'all about my posting plans that don't happen. I'd like to tell you it's because I'm a rebel, but really it's just 'cause I suck.

I already know that My Buffyholism has a poll that thank goodness I can fill out. But, I'll have to return to this link and then post a proper 'answering this cool poll' post here later (I'd like to tell you tomorrow morning sometime, but we all know about my history....).

Notice how I put that linky there to remind me to revisit it? Even sucky, I'm clever.

I know that I also owe all you adoring fans that Angel and B:S8 review I already promised you last weekend. Well, you know that with my history of telling....

One of those is my project for a few (comic) pages per morning, until I can complete it (probably Angel, because it's all about Dru) and then the other will be done this weekend ... I think... (you know with my history of telling y'all...).

Hey, at least I finally finished "The Deadly Mantis" review!