March 6th, 2011


NASA love.

I won't even pretend that I understand exactly how science knows what they assure us they know, because it is all so esoteric that I don't get it (I can't even do algebra, but they all act like this advanced theoretical math model thing actually means something real). But, I can appreciate, in my entirely plebeian, only some college educated, satellite imagery way, what space scientist/physicist are trying to discover about the cosmos and our entire existence.
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Updated, again... (why won't this movie end)

So... I'm very close to being done with "The Deadly Mantis", but I've run into the part where there is a lot of dead time with dramatic music, so you think there is something exciting happening.

I should have it posted later today/tonight... as you can tell from the time stamp on this post, it is hideously late (I'm an insomniac for those new to this site). I really wanted to finish, but I found myself impatient, so took a break to be fair to the movie.

In the meantime, please check out this conversation on the newest Supernatural episode (and if you have a completed Supernatural/BTVS or/and Supernatural/AtS recommend in fanfic or videos, it would be cruel not to recommend).

I get frickin' wordy, just as a warning.