February 26th, 2011


Yeah, Yeah. blah - blah....

I am currently working on the BTVS: S2 episode, "School Hard", which yes, introduces James Marsters/'Spike' and Julia Landau/'Drusilla' review. Also, I've just commented on the latest Supernatural episode over THERE.

I've also done some work on Spanderverse which I'm the first one to admit has been neglected.

But, I'm also going to re-recommend this fic. "Saving Grace" because it is better, to be completely honest, then I'd ever write.

So, there.

( I got a bit distracted by comments on the latest Supernatural episode... so I'm only 21 min. into the episode, but it should be posted tomorrow.)


Views from the Island ... fresh off the digital camera.

We have snow... again. It's light, but it is large flakes drifting down. It'd be serene if I wasn't worried about having to go out and shovel... again. I had to get out of the house awhile. It feels like an anchor tied around my neck lately. So, while out, I was fortunate enough to have two Coast Guard ships out breaking ice and one of our passing freighters.

I ergo present another "Views from the Island" post:

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