February 20th, 2011


Supernatural Story Rec

I have found the most interesting and greatly written fic, so I'm sharing with y'all, before I go get back to my The Poseidon Adventure review. I am seriously loving this story... enough to get involved in a WIP, which I ordinarily try like hell not to do.

And, it is good enough that I had to friend the author so I can keep up with the latest update. This is a Dean/Castiel story, but it uniquely has them as not having sex (yet, anyway). Rather, it is a pairing based on Castiel's war up in Heaven during the current season (Sam is still soulless robo-Sam). Cas is fighting with one arm tied behind his back, metaphorically, due to his fear of falling from Heaven should his Grace be corrupted by his actions.

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So, leap out to MisAnnThropic's journal and get involved in "Saving Grace" as well. I've linked to the master post, where you can easily find Chapter 1.