February 6th, 2011


Best of /Worst of... BTVS (Teacher's Pet)

Best of/Worst of for Buffy's crew in "Teacher's Pet"

Best Moments:

Buffy: I think Buffy's best moment is when she thinks ahead in her coming battle with the faux-Ms. French. She suspects the giant mantis is the monster of the week, and because she's been therefore researching, she knows that a bat's sonic radar is just the thing to discombobulate it. Yay, Book-learnin' Buffy!

Xander: (And, just to be clear, we're talking about Xander - not Slayer-saving daydream-Xander.) Though unsuccessful, I'll give Xander's best moment to his staying calm, collected and ready for violent resistence after he's been caged up in the Mantis' basement. He lashes out, which is more than Blayne is capable of, and makes a decent break for freedom. It's only because of her abnormally long arms that he's recaptured.

Willow: I'm afraid that Willow doesn't get much to do in this episode. She does break out the super computer skills again, so I'll say her best moment is when she's able to confirm Buffy's theory using the Coroner's report of the wounds found around Dr. Gregory's neck wound (from his missing head).

Cordelia: I really can't list anything for Cordelia in this episode. While her monologue in her counciling session after Gregory's body is discovered is amusing, it is entirely too self centered to be a high point for the character, herself.

Giles: The pickings for fine moments from Giles are also pretty slim. But, he does have something that Cordy doesn't... the scene where, despite being seperated by an ocean, he's able to convince a nurse to get his locked-up-for-crazy-tales-about-a-bug-woman friend on the line. His sheer commanding sense of presence is enough to do the trick.

Worst Moments:

Buffy: (Again, only real Buffy need apply.) Buffy's hilarious attempts to snow Dr. Gregory that she did the homework. So obvious! So busted!

Xander: (I'm not including his doubting Buffy or accusing her of jealousy because I think that is Natalie's pheremones at work.) I want to go with his going along with comparing wild and made up tales of scoring with Blayne, but he's sixteen *shrug*.

Instead I have to go with his first escape attempt, in which he manages to break out of his own cage... and right into Blayne's. Helpful.

Willow: Oh, Willow. There is only one scene in mind, her pathetically and enthusiastically offering to pretend that Xander has scored with her "to show [Blayne] a lesson", when we all know it was because she wants so badly for it to be true. (Well, maybe not quite the 'scored' part, but she isn't thinking about the specifics, so much as the 'I get to wrap my arms around Xander!' part). She's just a little too enthusiastic to play the part for this not to come off as kinda sad.

Cordelia: Despite the funny, Cordy's unbelievable insensitivity in her counciling session really reaches new heights of self-involvement.

Giles: You know, Giles seems largely doddering in this episode. Buffy ends up doing all of the heavy research duties. The worst though is Giles' implied actions, as mentioned in the review. You see Buffy sent Giles off to record her bat sonar attack on cassette to take into battle. But, when she's in the thick of it and hits 'play'... the tape is on the wrong side!

So, Giles has to have done the completely senseless... recorded the bat sounds on the tape, then pulled the cassette out and turn it over (Maybe to see what he'd used it for, to see if he should actually use this particular tape?) and then NOT turned it back over before giving it to Buffy to head into battle against the She-Mantis. It's very poor writing for a not very funny joke, and it doesn't reflect well on Giles.


Buck Rogers (Awakening) review, Part I

Buck Rogers in the 25th Century


Starring: Gil Gerard, Erin Gray, Tim O'Connor, Pamela Hensley, Henry Silva

Season 1, Episode 1 & 2


Blurbing: 500 Years into the future... One Hero... An Entire Universe... Let the Adventure Begin!

Blast off with every groundbreaking episode of the action-packed sci-fi adventure. Buck Rogers in the 25th Century! Join legendary intergalactic crimefighters William "Buck" Rogers and Colonel Wilma Deering as they lead the crew of the starship Searcher against a galaxy of evil from the past, present and faraway future. This must-own five-disc collection presents the entire Buck Rogers series and original theatrical pilot on DVD for the first time ever. Thrill to the epic sci-fi hit that the Associated Press called 'razzle-dazzle good fun'.

My Blurb: Ah, Buck. I loved this series so during its first season. I wasn't so awed by the second season, in which Gil seemed less and less happy to be stuck on set, and to which the above blurb is referring. During the first season there is no Searcher. We're based on Earth and the threat is mostly coming from the Draconian Empire.

I got to see the first two episodes as a movie in the matinee and my young mind was enthralled by the ships and the laser blasts. I loved Twiki and Wilma and Ardala. Now, some of the cheeze is overwhelming, but I still enjoy it for the good fun it is, but I'd have trouble agreeing with "Epic". So, let us dive into the series and we'll point out what is so good and what is now painful about that era in Sci-Fi TV.

You should know two things before we begin: 1) This is not a spoiler free zone! 2) I got a little crazy with the screen caps to start, because I always loved the ship design in S1 for Earth's forces and the Draconians.

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- Onto Part II -

Buck Rogers Best of/Worst of

Buck Rogers' Best/Worst Moments:

Yes, Buck will now be joining my Best/Worst moments-a-thon, although with being a semi-major character I feel I must include Dr. Huer, Dr. Theopolous and Twiki - and finding any actual good moments for them could become difficult in many, many episodes.

Let's start off, logically enough, with the theater-released version of "Awakening" which is what is on the DVD release (even though its story menu states Part I and Part II - it is actually one long 'movie').
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