January 31st, 2011

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Request for Fandom Help (Supernatural and/or BTVS, AtS)

Hello, all. Here is my request: I'm interested in pairings in Buffy, Supernatural or BTVS/AtS/Supernatural that I haven't gotten into until now. Incest is out, so don't bother with the Dean/Sam thing -- I'm not judging you, I just can't take the step (Jared and Jensen is another matter - but I feel squicky about using real people in vids).

No, I'm looking for youtube or only-posted-at-private-site videos made for unusual pairings like Dean/Xander, Sam/Xander, Sam/Dawn, Bobby/Giles... etc. Now, it's okay if it is in the same fandom... is there enough material for a Bobby/Sam slash vid?!

But I'm really interested in cross-universe posting outside of the Sam/Buffy, Sam/Faith, Dean/Angel, Dean/Faith or Dean/Buffy pairings. This isn't to cast aspersions on those at all, most of which I've enjoyed. It's just that I'd like to expand my horizons... find odd pairing between these fandoms (especially) or within each fandom that work because of clever editing.

02/02/11 - Edited to add: I know what I really want, and it is inspired by this artwork, which is now my desktop at work:

The Fighter Within by Kayla Shay

What I want is some Dean/Riley fic - not necessarily pairing, but just a fic where there is crossover. Anyone?