January 2nd, 2011


Best of/Worst of for "The Harvest"

I'm taking a small break here from the next movie review I'm doing right now. That will be for a 1961 murder drama called "Anatomy of a Psycho" starring Ronnie Burns (who?), in between running loads of laundry. Yes, this is my life - will the glamor ever stop?!

I'm also staring at Angel #22 and BTVS: S8 #22, both of which would like to stop sitting near the computer and get scanned and reviewed and already... shut up Angel & Buffy!

For right now though, let's continue with the much easier Character Best of/Worst of featurette with the part II of our series opener instead.
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Edited just to say that I am still working on this 74 minute movie... it's a LOT of dialog, dialog, dialog and is boring me as I try to describe what is basically one man whining and his sister telling him to stop it ... over and over.