January 1st, 2011


Best Of/Worst Of Moments....

Once upon a time, in a post which I did a very quick scan for, can't find and am not hunting down now, I was going to try to list my favorite Buffy moments of each episode. Well, that quickly swamped me because there are SO MANY EPISODES. I just did not realize!

So, while taking a break from Some Assembly Required which is frankly making me a bit ill thinking about (I shouldn't have eaten pizza while watching it), I thought I would start a new feature called Best of/Worst of Moment. This could be considered a meme, I suppose, but it is more of a featurette, I think, here at harsens-rob.

Obviously, we'll start with Welcome to the Hellmouth (BTVS, 'natch), but it is likely that I will add this to all of my series reviews as I have a minute here and there. I'm going to limit myself to the main cast for simplicity's sake:
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