December 3rd, 2010

rear window

Angel #20 Reviewed



Written by: Kelley Armstrong, Art by: Dave Ross, Inks by: George Freeman & Dave Ross
Flashback Pencils & Inks: George Freeman, Coloring: Charlie Kirchoff & Brian Miller
Letters: Neil Uyetake, Edited by: Chris Ryall & Mariah Huechner

Cover B: Nick Runge

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How'd I miss this Cross-Question Question?

Despite friending them, I somehow missed this one and am wondering how... which actually, if I stop to think about it for 20 seconds instead of rushing to type all this out so that you all have to read it, just so you can now figure out that it was all pointless because I figured out ... probably... why I missed it, which is that I have friended too many because I'm a giver and I love you all just too much for my own good, so then they posted this teeny, tiny three word post and I missed it in the sea of everyone else's posting. So, there.

Uh, what's the question, again?

Are You Free?

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Oh, and also - this is rambling a bit because I've had a whole 45 minutes of sleep. I'm special that way.