November 27th, 2010


BTVS and Supernatural crossovers

What would be the awesomest thing ever in crossovers? I would totally cream my jeans if SMG and Eliza showed up at the end of 'Supernatural' with no dialog... just standing in a cemetery looking at Sam and Dean with stakes and an eyebrow in the air... leaving it completely ambiguous and yet obvious what the intent is....

Can you imagine the fan-fic that would take off from that?!

And, it would avoid the contractual/patent issues, because hiring SMG and Dushku for a part isn't illegal, and since they have no dialog, who's to say that they are Buffy or Faith?

That would be absolutely awesome as an ambiguous ending.

Buffy and Dean ... I think I might have just laughed to death.

Y'know, I love BTVS/Supernatural crossovers. Yeah, Supernatural demons and vampires are different. Irrelevant. We're fan-ficcers and we can easily make something from nothing. Which is why I'm completely in love with THIS. I'm seriously laughing-out-loud. Surely, I'd prefer some slash in there... or Dean/Faith, but I can accept Dean/Buffy when it is this funny....

Don't you judge me!