November 19th, 2010


SPN/Buffy Crossovers -- here's a rec

I am making my way through the Twisting the Hellmouth site and I have a story I love. Alas, it does not have slashtastic happenings between our Buffycast/Winchesters, which is a shame, but I loves it anyway. So, I do hereby recommend it because a) my recommendation is of importance to everyone (don't argue, I refuse to believe otherwise) and b) because I, uh, don't have much to post.

Please show the author some clicky-action:  Lady Yashka's Seasons of Wither, in which Buffy had a relationship with an angel, but he was wearing Dean's body at the time. Now, the angel is gone, Dean is back and Buffy is left heartbroken and resentful, even though she knows it isn't fair.
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Cherokee Kid confirmed.

Ryan Dirteater is confirmed to be back on the Ford Tough PBR tour, starting the January (the 2011 season, which will run through the title race in November). Ryan has had some terrible luck since coming on the professional tour, with three serious injuries, but it sounds like he's feeling strong and ready.

Welcome back, Ryan - us Ford Tough fans have missed you.