October 26th, 2010



I'm still planning on doing my whole "Favorite Buffy Moment in Each Episode" deal and then my "Favorite Angel Moment in Each Episode (AtS)" thing... I'm gonna work on it from home because TWIZTV had that thing where ads/spamware/malware suddenly tried to take over my browser and I had to frantically kill windows that were opening while avoiding downloading crap.

I don't have much problem with that at home - I guess my home computer is better protected than my work one. Fortunately, to pass the time we have new poll at My Buffyholism is Showing instead. *Whew* I thought for a second there I'd have nothing to post (except I really am way overdue for a WATCHERS review - and there is that spanderverse fic that I've had one and a half chapters written on since about forever... but never mind all that).

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