October 13th, 2010


Angel #19 Review

Angel (the comic/S6)

Issue #19

Written by: Kelley Armstrong, Art by: Dave Ross, Inks by: George Freeman (pp 1-18) & Dave Ross (pp 19-22)
Colors by: Charlie Kirchoff (pp 1-15 & 22) & Lovern Kindzierski (pp 16-21), Lettered by: Robbie Robbins, Edited by: Chris Ryall

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The Poli-Spectrum Quiz

I've taken one of these before with a different name and it turns out I'm a lot more liberal than I thought. I mean, I knew I leaned left on most issues, and definitely am a lefty-pinko-UnAmerican when it came to social issues and the rights of equality over a bigot's right to push their bigotry onto public policy, but I had no idea I was so left.

Well, we have a new political spectrum quiz located HERE. My results:
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