September 18th, 2010


Here's another question about the interwebbynetz thing.

Okay, you young whippersnappers - I'm a little embarrassed to admit to this, but about once a month or so, I do a search in the Google on "harsens-rob", just to see who may have referenced an entry I've made. I always find it a surprise (1) because I get a lot more hits than I would ever think, based on who had Friended me and (2) because I always get picked up by sites that seem to have no actual connection to anything I've written.

I can only think that there are aggregations going on that are completely automated and some of these sites, which I doubt anyone actually visits because they're so randomly named, are grabbing my entries for some arcane reason. So, here's the question - how do some of these sites work & what the heck are they?,,,,,,,,,,,

And it just goes on and on and on, but things like "find bargain prices"?! I don't have anything for sale from my site...!

"Righthealth?",  "I scan my food?" WTH?

I just find it all so weird and non-sensical.