August 18th, 2010


We had to come to it ... the 'Passion' poll.

I won't lie ... I sort of dreaded the Passion poll, just because I dread that episode. Don't get me wrong, I love it, but I find this episode the hardest one to re-watch in S2. Jenny's death was just a gut-punch and she qualifies as my "One You Would Have Saved".

Of course, as we all know, this will not be the last time that we have the wind knocked out of us during a BTVS episode, but this is the first one - the one that told us that when the production team puts a secondary character in danger, they really are in danger. And, when you include Angel the Series as well, we've lost a lot of characters over the years.

And it all started with "Oh, my God, Jenny!"

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You may call her, "Ms. Chase" or "Queen C".

I wanted to post this wonderful, detailed, wordy but interesting essay on the indomitable Ms. Cordelia Chase. Obviously, eleusis_walks, is quite the fan of our resident 'rich bitch/popular girl/cheerleader/poor little ex-rich girl/Scooby orbiter/actor/detective office administrator/evil fighter/seer/guardian ghost'.

Click the link when you've got the time to spend on a commentary designed to point out just how fabulous our Ms. Chase was in the flesh and is in the spirit (Although, the essay doesn't get into Angel: After the Fall, just trust me. She remains very much as she was in life when it comes to helping Angel stand.)

  Credit to Pomegranate Seeds.